Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Sisters", Original Mixed Media Painting by Colorado Artist, Donna L. Martin


They weren’t born sisters, but growing up in the same crazy family, there was always an unspoken bond between them.  Each knew the family “stories”, the good and the not so good.  No words were ever needed, they just instinctively knew each other’s hearts.  One look in her eyes, and one knew the other was broken.  Each was there for the other, unconditionally, without judgement, without harsh words, without cutting glances, or condemnation.  They were each other’s comfort in the storms….a soft place to land and a strong shoulder to rest a head upon.  Comfort, like a soft, gentle rain on a summer’s day.  Comfort like the warm glow coming from a window on a chilly night.  They were each other’s “home”.  They could tell each other their wildest dreams for the future and the other would believe without question that these wild dreams would come true.  The wild sisters would giggle about silly things that no one else would understand.  It was that unspoken language they shared.  No, they weren’t “born” sisters but they share a love that transcends the moon and the stars.  They are wild sisters, now and forever.

This piece began with a drawing I did of the sisters with charcoal and graphite.  I added just the slightest bits of watercolor to their cheeks and lips and also the flowers.  The leaves in their hair were created with modeling paste, so the texture is raised.  I also added text to their dresses.

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