Friday, October 23, 2015





6 x 6 Acrylic on Textured Canvas

This started its life as an abstract landscape.   The strip of heavy texture in the middle (paper towels) was originally a mountain range (it's now upside down).  I never was very happy with the finished product so I finally gave in and started from scratch.  This is one of those pieces that was just meant to be.  Once I 'saw' its new life it didn't take me very long to do and it sold almost immediately at a recent Studio tour that I was part of.  It went home with a member of a very prominent Hollywood family (at least 4 are Actors and she is one of them) whom I did not even recognize until AFTER she left.  Someone else handled the actual sale for me so I was momentarily oblivious.  The sad thing is, she was actually in my home about 10 years ago as part of a Show I was having for a mutual friend who is a Photographer.  (Long story).  So,  has she changed that much, or ... is my memory just that bad now.  
Somehow, I feel it's the latter.  :(

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