Thursday, September 15, 2016

Study With Joan Fullerton in Vancouver, November 14-18

Join us this fall, as we go deep and explore design, composition, and colour mixing with a master. Returning for a second time, Joan Fullerton will share inspiring demonstrations and lectures as she reinforces the fundamentals of painting and then shows you how to build on them. You’ll create a personal lexicon of symbols, learn to hear and trust your intuition, and practice taking risks and moving beyond your comfort zone. You'll begin to recognize and value the visual surprises that show up. Your work will become more expressive as you expand your mark-making repertoire, and your creative confidence will blossom as you gain greater understanding of your individual art process.

We’ll scribble, scratch, glue, paint, embed, spray, remove, blend, glaze, sand, stain, amplify and diminish. You’ll learn to paint with more freedom, cope with frustration, and evolve your art to a new level. Colour theory and design concepts will structure your composing and editing, and you will learn to design intentionally before painting as well as intuitively, during painting.

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   Want to view a portion of Joan's creative process and see the face that lives beneath
    the layers?

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