Sunday, December 28, 2014

Abstract Mixed Media Painting"Two Twelve" by Colorado Mixed Media Abstract Artist Carol Nelson

This is the second in my numbers series - mixed media abstracts that have a number component.  In this case the number is 2-12, which is the birthday of one of my daughters.  This painting started out as an unsuccessful collage that I deconstructed (that means I started tearing pieces off of it).    Usually, deconstruction is a last resort done when I can't get a mixed media piece to come together.  It's something I do when I know my actions could ruin the painting - but since the painting wasn't working out, I'm really not ruining anything. 

 Midway through the deconstruction, I thought a new potential painting was starting to show.  Actually, some of my most successful paintings have gone through a deconstruction phase.   You will notice several different materials in this piece including foam plate, tyvek, and several weights of paper, including some that I sprayed with Rustoleum Hammered Copper.  I love that spray paint and the very cool look it has. 

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